where has the YEAR gone?

i forgot to write.
i forgot to check in.
i pretty much gave up on this little blog.

but i miss writing.
i miss the therapeutic feeling of it.

i'd like to say (does anyone still check this?)
that i wrote my first great novel
but i didn't

i've got no great reason why.

what has happened since my disney experience?

well there is talk of going back to disney.
l is another year older (13. gasp)
and girl C.R.A.Z.Y
e also another year old (11. where did my baby go)

i lost my job.
and found another one.
that is truly MY calling.
i was promoted at new job within 2 months.

we are MOVING!
we got a brand spanking new place.
about 5 minutes from our current place.
but it's brand spanking new (as in never before lived in - just built)
has a garage
and a laundry hook up
can have pets. 2 exactly.
so we are planning what kind of puppies we want.
(our vote is labs. yes. 2 labrador retriever puppies)

and i just discovered that google+ has ALL my pictures
from the blog i deleted
(from my past)
and i'm trying to trash all that
so if this blog disappears
it was good fun while it lasted

thanks for being a reader!
much love and
many blessings